About internationaleboni

My name is Eboni, and I am a self proclaimed travel-o-holic.  I have been suffering with this addiction for eight years.  It all started during my second year of teaching middle school in Los Angeles.  There, I met Saxty, a colleague who shared my interest in travelling.  She and I also had the same track break – six weeks of paid vacation time during the month of May and June.  We could think of no better way to spend it other than travelling through Europe. 

Saxty had visited Europe before with her mother, but was anxious to go back.  I had never been, but had heard wonderful things and seen pictures.  It was a match made in heaven.  I’ve never been much of a planner, and the Europe trip was no exception.  We booked our flight to London along with a hotel for the first two nights; and armed only with a “Europe for Dummies” book, we decided to play the rest by ear.  Best. Decision. Ever.  During those two weeks, Saxty and I visited London, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Venice, and Milan.  It was the most amazing and exhilarating experience ever.  Since then I have been hooked!  

I have a career in education, so I don’t make a lot of money.  However, I do have lots of vacation time, and I plan to use it to see the world…on a budget.  Yes, I consider myself a budget traveller, although others may not.  I don’t particularly care for backpacker style traveling.  I have a tendency to stay in hotels that have no less than 3 stars.  I usually don’t pay more than $100 per night for a hotel room, and whenever possible I request a “friends and family” rate for my stay.  I always monitor the cost of an airline ticket for months before purchasing, and I’m not loyal to any one airline.  I don’t usually rent cars when I go abroad.  Instead, I opt to use the public transportation system of the country.  This saves lots of money and stress.  Although, it can get a little tricky when traveling in a non-English speaking country.  I don’t buy all-inclusive anything.  I like to buy a travel guide and plan out my own trips. 

I have been traveling internationally for eight years, and I still have four blank pages in my Passport!  I’m working on correcting this minor problem.  So far I’ve visited the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Holland, Panama, Brazil, British Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. John’s, and Mexico.  Some destinations that are still on my “to-do” list are Peru, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, Thailand, China, Jamaica, and Indonesia.  I’d love to bring you along for the ride.  I’ve started this blog as a means to share my travel experiences, pictures, thoughts, etc with anyone who is interested.  I welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments.  Happy Reading!





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